With an aim to keep the design solutions raw, and believing that honesty in communication combined with a holistic and bespoke visual expression is essential in order to authentically connect with the audience, and how design impact in their lives. The strength of THE END Atelier is the ability to build a level of mutual understanding with clients and collaborators.

︎ART DIRECTION: The process starts by predicting a visual narrative for the project, creating a connection through the tone. Art Direction is the foundation that carries an intrinsic relation between funcionality, connectivity and beauty. ︎ GRAPHIC DESIGN: Makes sure that the tone is consistent and users are engaging with the product, with a strong visual consistency on typography, color and images. ︎ VISUAL IDENTITY: Creation of substancial and intelligible visual concepts that enable a strong relationship with the audience and that fully comply with the personality of the brand. ︎RELAUNCH: Developing, redesigning and reshaping print and digital media, a mission to always reach beyond contemporary standards and aim for what is different and unexpected.

Creative for Music, Arts & Culture ︎