Independent multidisciplinary visual designer & art director, with a deep passion and a fondness for typography, painting, collage, mix-media, photography & natural elements.

Working on commissioned and self-initiated projects in all stages of digital & printed matters such as packaging for music, editorial design, book art, brand development & visual identity.


Jakhu · Collection 011 ·

Artistic direction and creation of the printed catalogue for the first collection of Jakhu Studios - 011 -

Inspired by simple and pure forms, 011 explores the gestalt principle: “the wholeis greater than the sum of the parts” with simplicity at the core and composed by a series of elevenminimal designs; the timeless sculptural pieces, have a lot of meaningthat resonate with its natural elegance.

Jakhu studio is a london-based Jewellery brand
founded in 2017 on the principles of contemporary  design, high quality materials and ethical fashion.

Jakhu jewellery is handcrafted in Peru in a collaborative partnership with silversmiths from San Jeronimo de Tunan (Central Andes); using locally sourced silver and traditional  techniques of jewellery-making.

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