Independent multidisciplinary visual designer & art director, with a deep passion and a fondness for typography, painting, collage, mix-media, photography & natural elements.

Working on commissioned and self-initiated projects in all stages of digital & printed matters such as packaging for music, editorial design, book art, brand development & visual identity.


Oriondas Collection

Artistic direction and analog mix-media collage for the digital catalogue of  ~ Oriondas Collection ~
2017 fall-winter of Cotto

Photography by Ivan Salinero for Phoss Agency

Size: A3
Technique: Mixmedia & Monoprinting + painting + Collage
Materials: Paper + acrylic ink + art tape

Cotto, now under the name Onshi studio is a Peru accessories brand founded in Miraflores, Lima.

Onshi is handcrafted in Peru in
collaboration with the local artisans
and only using the products of the country.

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