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Mia Lilith

After a breakdown in her personal life, Mia Lilith feels the need of entering into a
period of introspection and experimentation mixing various art disciplines and
including several natural elements.

Her work reflect a direct relation of the cycle of life and death.
Each piece possesses bits of the life lived, that teetering a duality game of: preservation and destruction, order and chaos, light and darkness, expose and cover.

In short, what resurfaces and remains forever.


Acid Hazel

 Perfectionist, geometric and dark, Acid Hazel is an independent visual designer & art director. She has an insatiable passion and a fondness for typography, printing, black and white, music and paper structure. Hazel’s practice combines academic research with an interest in contemporary culture to create an unique and clear aesthetic in which the conceptual meets the visual.

She works on commissioned and self-initiated projects in all stages of printed matter such as editorial design, book art, brand development, visual identity design.


Lives and works in Berlin  · b. 1989 Zaragoza
Bachelor of Arts and graphic Design , Esne University School of Design,
Innovation and Technology, Madrid, 2007 -10


2019 - Reborn, Lite-Haus Gallery, Berlin


2017 - After a deep sleep {Issue 01}, Spectral Magazine, Barcelona - London

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